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Want a speakerphone in T610??, sign up here!!

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Posted by znawfal
For all those who think that they really need a speakerphone in SE610 upcoming phone, please sign here...maybe then maybe SE will listen to us and give us one..

It is only a firmware upgrade, i know, since the phone already supports polyphonic ringtones.

Posted by Jonathan
Great idea. I'll sign my name right here.


Posted by jalu
Why not all mail and request?


Posted by gatevital
No no no, nothing to delay it please or do you think they should add a memory stick slot too so it can be delayed to Q2 2004?

Posted by nyk_2702

wit a spkrfone tha T610 will b tha Complete fone!


Posted by gareb
Great idea folks

Posted by Knut.G.
It is NOT just a software update. So the phone has a speaker to play midi tones. That does not mean it is of high enough quality to carry a human voice.

Then there are other factors. The microphone needs to be able to pick up voice from someone standing pretty far away in the room, and a firmware update DOES NOT make the speaker nor microphone of better quality.

I guess SE tried it, and saw that they had to change the phone (make it bigger/thicker/longer) to be able to squeeze in a loudspeaker, and dropped it. Personally, I couldnt care less. I have never been happy with any loudspeaker I have tried on a mobile phone, so I'm not going to miss it.

You want a loudspeaker, buy another phone, cause the T610 aint gonna get it.


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Posted by bjarne1
sure i do. Fix it SE

Posted by WildNomad
The first official firmware for the T610 is out, so don't expect any speakphone function on the initial releases...


Posted by nocturnalchipmunk
who cares?! we want a speakerphone!!

Posted by mailliw_17
Count me in..

Posted by lesneo
CMI!!! (Count me in)...

Posted by Dj Boyi
Do we need a speakerphone to hear .amr files in MMS or will we still have to put headset on to listen to them? Damn i want that function in MMS,will someone verify this 4 me,please! :-)

Posted by Miss UK
SE are listening please welcome the T600i LOL

Mind you knowbody listens *hehe*

Posted by audioslave
why do u guys always dream of adding things to your great se phones when nothing will actually happen. java, mophun on t68, calendar in t300, t9, profiles, blah, blah on p8oo cmon guys get real.. and admit that se isnt too different from nokia..

Posted by Fahed_2000
Finally someone has the same idea as me,
could have a lot of benefit, if it sponsers ESATO, I.e Ideas, problem solving , specially if they release every bit of info in here, ....
Well next year if they didn't have a successor for the P800 or the T68 then I'll be considering other brands ....

Posted by Dj Boyi
But i'm not arsed about a speakerphone,i just wanna view an MMS without having to put my headset on,i mean,if Panasonic can do that with the GD87 then i expect SE to match them at least......but if it means having a SPEAKERPHONE......then......:-(:-(:-(

Posted by parvski
if a fone has got a camera or is java enabled... it should support a memory stick format also, or atleast have 16mb internal....a long way off i guess.

screw the speakerphone...

Posted by mav
Yes a speakerphone would be great!

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