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Syncronisation Querks

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Posted by epscilon
I added all my contacts into my phone as well as my calendar entries. Then I did a master reset on the phone and tried to sync all my data back direct from the PC. I noticed a few issues/problems....

1) All the contacts that I added now have a little note on the bottom with the persons name on. So it looks like the persons name is entered twice.

2) In the calendar all my reminders have been changed to appointments with a time from 9 - 9:30. I try to change them back to reminders on the phone and it works for some but not others. I investigated and it seems that if the entry has been set to repeat you can't change the appointment to a reminder. You have to delete the record and create it again.

Quite annoying to say the least.

I will not be trying to restore data from my PC again in a hurry unless I have a problem.

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