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Software for making backgroundpics for Ericsson T68

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Posted by koxxxx
What software are you guys using for making your own backgroundpictures for the Ericsson T68?? I have some personal pictures that would be fun to have as a background!


Posted by MO

Posted by koxxxx
Hmm but isn't there a small and simple program to use for this sort of thing and nothing else?

Posted by Merkur
Yes, there is. You can go to http://www.ericsson.com/t68 to download it.

Or even simpler, go to www.wapster.nu

Posted by koxxxx
Thank's a lot. But I need .myp pictures how do I make my .gif files to .myp??

Posted by dmgpizen
Use My Pictures from http://wap.sonyericssonmobile.com it can't get more EZ than this.

Posted by koxxxx
Ok, could you guys please help me a little bit?

I have a .gif picture and it's kinda big and about 300 kb, what do I do to make it fit in my T68?

I know, a lot of stupid questions, but I really need help with this one.

Thank's a lot.

Posted by jh67
Hey,...see this topic.
Mo and myself (denmark) wrote all this stuff here:



Posted by jh67
KOXXXX : by the way :
When you have made the picture in for example Photoshop,..then import it into MYPICTURES,..here you use the button called : COLOR DITHER.
This turns the picture into a "T-68-picture", meaning...it uses the T-68's original colors.

Jan H

Posted by Sheep
You can use almost any graphic software.. from simple one like MS Paint to Adobe Photoshop. Crop it to the required size (101X80 pix) save it as a gif... The good software will allow you to control quite a few parameters and control the size of file within say 3K? have fun!

Posted by ak2g

go to this website to compress your .gif or .jpg pics to a reasonable size


Posted by moorey
can anyone explain "Obex Header failed" when trying to send a pic to my t68 via myPictures

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