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Bluespoon Problems

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Posted by Xavier

Got a bluespoon (panther edition) today and I'm having a few problems.

After a full charge (LED on front has gone off) the unit wouldn't respond, so I had to put it through the reset procedure detailed in the manual... at which point it began to offer pairing so I paired it with my P800.

After pairing succesfully it died on me again, at least pressing the on button (both buttons together) didn't do a great deal - time to reset again...

Finally I was able to remove it from the cradle and for a third time turn it on, for a second the little blue light glimmered but no sounds came out, and now it doesn't respond... again.

So, if the little LED on the cradle says its charged, yet it doesn't want to work for me, does that mean I'm doing something wrong here, or should I be speaking to NextLink about a faulty headset?

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