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my new p800!!

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Posted by dazbradbury
Hello!! I know loads of people have started threads excited about their p800, but i couldn't resist, it's currently recieving all my contacts via bluetooth from my t68i, 38k so far....

hehe, it's SOOO amazing. I couldn't believe that the phone came with some juice in the battery too, is that normal? anyway, was helpful cuz it means i can use it right away!


Posted by jplacson
Congrats on your new P800!!!

This message was posted from a P800 with a FrappuccinoŽ machine

Posted by gadgetboytom
you wait and see what happens

your picture phone book gets transfered too!!

cool eh?

Posted by dazbradbury
haha, amazing mate, do you think i sholud leave it till it fully charges? or can i take it away with me now?

Posted by gadgetboytom
use up the power that came with it and then charge

Posted by dazbradbury
oh right, too late! i started charging when i got it so i cud use it...

so should i wait till it's fully charged now?

was using up the battery on the phone an obvious thing to do? i thought it was weird that it had juice in it..

Posted by lazarini
Hey Daz m8 congrats on ure purchase : ) Regards Laz

Posted by jplacson
It's fine, just wait for it to be fully charged. The charge it comes with is very minimal.

Just remember.... DO NOT fully discharge the battery..ever. Lithium based batteries do not like being discharged, and doing so may not create a 'memory effect', but it does reduce the number of recharge cycles the battery can handle.

Posted by Andy_P
Ive ran it flat so that it turns itself off a couple of times... Mine is about 2 weeks old and the battery won't quite last 48 hours (bt turned on, moderate use)... Is this what everyone else is getting?

Posted by Andy.
That sounds about normal

Posted by adura
Mine just approximately 2 days.
Activity done?
Few 2 minutes calls + few snapshots + 15 sms + few voice recording & playbacks.

Not bad. Cheers.

Posted by meuser

Posted by d' fuhrer
good luck on your new acquisition.

Posted by jbendaou
seems like we all get a 2 days batery life, damn. i was spoiled with the t68i...(it lasted 4 days)oh well, sometimes my P goes for as long as 3 days...
cheers guys....and congrats on ur purchase

Posted by [-SWEET-HEART-]
Hello guys!

Firstt time posting with my brand new P800!!!

It is beautifull!!!


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