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7650 Appz And P800

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Posted by Gee_UK
I have loads of 7650 software and games etc. As they use the same operating system will they be ok to install on my P800? Im asking b4 I try, dont want anything to happen to my baby!

Posted by Raven
OMG, do a search for petes sake. This question have been asked and answered a million times on this forum already. The answer is NO.

Posted by Gee_UK
I see your hard on the newbies...

Posted by xgazx
yeah, way harsh. take it easy.

Posted by lazarini
well its kinda anoying sometimes that people just dont wanna use the search function on the boards and post the same question ower and ower again witch is kinda annoying dont u think

as regarding to the question at hand u cant use those games couse the fones are runing on diferent os 7650 is a serie 60 of symbian and the p800 uses UIQ witch is symbian os 7 ....

Regards Laz

Posted by Sam79
You got a load of 7650 programs....Do you wanna share some of them?

Posted by mariolouis
pls be cool on the newbies, will ya. it's not their fault you know.

with regards to your query, try installing the app. if it doesn't work, then uninstall it some programs will work on the p800. don't be afraid to experiment.

Posted by Raven
Again, NO, native Symbian apps written for the Series 60(N7650/3650) will NOT work on the P800 because they run on a different version of the Symbian OS and uses a very different interface.
Only apps written in Java will(might) work on both platforms.

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