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gprs/wap/email settings for globe telecoms (philippines)

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Posted by GreenArrows
I would like to know if anyone can give me the step by step procedure for me to set-up both GPRS and WAP for my T-68 using Globe Telecom (Philippines). I opened a similarly titled thread here but found that it was to configure a Palm for Globe's GPRS/WAP service. What I need is the step by step procedure for me to activate my Globe Telecom's GPRS and WAP for my T-68. Thanks!

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Working Globe settings as of 23-Jun
General Settings
Data Account (which I call "Globe GPRS")
APN: www.globe.com.ph
keep the other default settings

WAP Profile (which I call "Globe")
connect using "Globe GPRS" - the above data account
IP address:

Email-related Settings
connect using "Globe GPRS" - the account in the general settings section
SMTP server: smtp.globenet.com.ph
the other settings depends on your email service provider's setup

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Posted by GOwin
First you have to ask GLOBE to activate the GPRS service of your account. This needs a post-paid plan.

Some Globe centers have printed instructions for phones, just ask for it.

Go to settings ->Data Comm ->Data Accounts ->Add account:
- select GPRS data
- type in a name (ie. Globe GPRS)
- APN: http://www.globe.com.ph
- user id: (leave blank)
- password: (leave blank)

Globe SMTP
- smtp.globe.com.ph

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Posted by dan47
attend the eb

for details
click here !

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Posted by GOwin
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ikaw ba nag-edit nito?

Posted by dan47

editted lots of time, trying to figure out the a href eh...

Posted by ferrarista44
do i really hafta go to Globe pa to activate my GPRS? or do i just hafta set up my phone for GPRS?


Posted by luwi
Just call Customer Service Representative at 211. Just inform them that you want to activate your GPRS account. Tnxs.


Posted by GOwin
Yep, it should only take 4 hours to activate.

I got mine in less than 4.

Posted by Jowi
Green here it is:

GPRS Settings (WAP over GPRS) for Ericsson units (R520/T39/T65/T68)

1. Go to Settings then Data comm.

2. Select Pref.service then choose GPRS and GSM

3. Select Data accounts then Add account
3.1 Choose GPRS data
3.2 Name: WAP-GPRS
3.3 APN: http://www.globe.com.ph
3.4 User id:
3.5 Password:

4. Go to WAP services then select WAP settings

5. Select Profile1
5.1 Rename: GPRS
5.2 Chg homepage
Title: Mobile Internet
Address: http://www.globe.com.ph/globe.wmlc
5.3 Save to: Current profile
5.4 Gateway
5.4.1 IP Settings:
Connect using: WAP-GPRS
IP Address:
User Id:
Data mode: Connection Oriented
Security: off
Show images: On
Response timer: 150
5.4.2 Change type: select IP

6. To initiate WAP over GPRS go to WAP services, then choose Mobile Internet

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Posted by GOwin
Fellow Globe users.

Did you notice that the GPRS service seems kinda shitty these past few days?

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Posted by dan47
Yup! Lots of dead spots, but as of tday, gprs is stronger than my signal

Posted by skrewt
i'm a globe subscriber and i seem to be having a problem accessing wap via gsm (not gprs yet). when i try to go to the esato wap site, for example, it takes forever to load and i end up just terminating the connection.

what could be the problem? it's either the wap service of globe or there's something wrong with the settings on my phone. btw, i noticed the problem when i upgraded my sw to r2b. coincidence lang kaya 'to?

please help...

Posted by dan47

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Posted by dan47
Wow! Lugi ka; only esato site or other site is also slow? If only esato, then theres no problem with ur settings, slow talaga langang globe

Posted by GOwin
@dan47, ibang klase kang mag-double post ah, mag-kaibang thread

@skrewt, dan47 made the right suggestion, checkout if the problem is limited to ESATO or you encounter the same problem with all the other WAP sites.

re: SMS over GPRS via Globe
this doesn't seem to be possible any longer? feedback from GLOBE users please.

Posted by ca_abarro
re: SMS over GPRS via Globe
this doesn't seem to be possible any longer? feedback from GLOBE users please.

Im also having trouble with SMS over GPRS (Globe), its been the past days that it really doesnt work! I dont know why, even Globe customer service doesnt even know that they have this feature!

Posted by dan47
Hmm... Pumasok pala yun, accidentally pressed the post, slow kasi response nito. Del ko later

Posted by ferrarista44
hmm i cant seem to download/open the file regarding Smart GPRS...


pinapaayos nung friend ko sa kin yun gprs nya eh... kaso Smart yun network nya...

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Posted by GRIFTER

how do you do SMS over GPRS? What does that mean?

Posted by alphaq
can someone here teach me how to activate the email function in t68? i have gprs activated under globe n i have an active yahoo email accnt..thanks in adv

Posted by GOwin
I'd just like to ask for feedback from fellow Globe users who uses GPRS connections to connect their PCs or laptops.

I find it irritating that my connection suddenly drops out, and though im still connected to the network I can't reach any website.

If I try to browse the net from WAP or my PDA, the connections work but using my laptop it fails.

The problem seems random but only occurs with when I use the laptop.

Posted from a ancient Laptop + T39 + GPRS

Posted by GPRS
APN - access point network
if you leave blank there.. nothing happens???

Posted by dan47
Sms over gprs cant be use with globe anymr, sms over gsm nalang

Posted by dan47
Pop server: pop.yahoo.comPort: 110Smtp: smtp.globenet.comPort:25

Posted by GOwin
how do you do SMS over GPRS? What does that mean?

It means that your message uses the GPRS channel instead of the usual GSM data channel. One nice thing about it, is that SMS messages are sent substantially faster to the SMSC compared to usual method.

If you wonder if this means anything else, well it really depends on the SP. Some of us here claim may claim that we're doing the network a favor by de-congesting the GSM data channels by sending SMs over GPRS (at the same time hoping that those messages weren't deducted from the text allocations )

Officially, none of the locals SPs support SMS over GPRS. I don't know about SMART (if ever it had been available to their users - arnoldc?? ), but it used to be that it can be done using the Globe network.

Sino nga yung kadebate ko dito on whether Globe did or did not support it?

Posted by GPRS
ako yun e! just last we debate, i thought kasi SMS thru GPRS malayo sa SMS over GPRS..

Posted by GOwin
ayun, si GPRS pala.

Anyway, I can still send SMS over GPRS -- hehe but I got to use my PDA and go over to websites that offers free SMS. Since I use GPRS to connect to the net, then it's still SMs over GPRS (over WAP) mweheheh

Posted by arnoldc
@gowin, Smart never supported SMS via GPRS from the start. They know the implications...

Posted by dan47
our globe just came in.....

globe also counted the sms over gprs (when sms over gprs was still working)... our bill record has 300+ sms sent.

Posted by GOwin
so SMART had really been smart from the beginning eh?

Posted by ferrarista44
hey this is cool.
i was sending a message to someone this morning.
it got through.
but what i realized was i sent my first SMS via GPRS for the first time.
(dahil dati laging failed and unsent).
anyway, globe still charges for that?

Posted by dan47

sent my first SMS via GPRS for the first time.
anyway, globe still charges for that?

yup, charges it

Posted by Ying
Hi everyone!

Hehehe tulong uli please sa mga matitinik jan.... on how to setup an HP Jornada 520 and an Ipaq 3730 using an Ericsson T39 and a Nokia 6310 as its modem via GPRS

Thanks again in advance guys!

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Posted by arnoldc
@ying, please read my PM to you.

Posted by WestIce

I am a Globe post paid subscriber and I am having trouble setting up my GPRS/WAP account. I have an Ericsson T68 which I bought in Hong Kong (is thus the problem?) I already called Globe customer service and had them activate my GPRS account. I also configured my phone as per Globe's instruction, but I can't seem to get it to work. Whenever I slide the volume control to look at the status, I can see the message "GPRS: GPRS not allowed". The GPRS Icon on the sandby screen disappears within five minutes after turning the phone on. Anyone out there that can help me? Please?

Posted by GRIFTER

you said that you know of some sites offering free SMS? Share naman! Mahal na kasi ang bill ko sa sobrang text e

Posted by dan47
west... i think globe did not activate your acct. or there's something wrong w/ the settings... look into the forum, and you will the the settings somewhere.. if it wont work, try going to eb so we configure it for you. or test the unit using our sim card..

Posted by WestIce
Thanks dan...

Could it be because I bought the phone abroad?

Posted by GOwin
sorry. it seems they've banned the site already. i cant get any msgs from their servers anymore ;(

are you sure you got good GPRS signal in your area? baka naman sa ibang location ok yung service.

i know you said you've checked your settings already. double-check it, you might've missed something.

just holler if you still got problems.

This post was posted from a T39i

Posted by WestIce

Actually I was wondering about that...

Is GPRS coverage limited to Metro Manila?

I live in Paranaque and work in Cavite that's why...

By the way I must've checked and double checked the settings 5 times. Thanks for the suggestion though...

Posted by GRIFTER
Sino sa inyo ang may alam ng pinakamabilis na way to setup your GPRS on your phone?! as in 4 easy steps without going to the connection settings and others? Curious ba kayo?

Posted by arnoldc
@grifter, go to the sonyericsson web site and have your phone configured over the air... only for globe subscribers for philippines...

Posted by GOwin
Almost the whole of Metro Manila has GPRS coverage. Outside manila, spotty and inconsistent. There wasn't any GPRS signal at Angeles City, but in Zambo meron - super bagal nga lang, but tolerable.

am speaking about Globe of course, arnoldc can give you feedback about SMART's performance.

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Posted by ferrarista44
i had GPRS signal in Baguio nung holy week....

Posted by WestIce
Double Checked my settings and still no GPRS...

Could it be phone related? Does Globe or Smart put a special configuration on their phones bought here?

Globe insists that they already activated my GPRS service...

Posted by n|ck_xp
How mamy in $$$ do you pay for GPRS in filipines???

Posted by WestIce
GPRS service is still free here in the philippines....

Posted by GRIFTER
I've tried going to sonyericsson and the settings they sent me was for the WAP not GPRS. And T68 wasn't on the phone option list...

Posted by GOwin
WAP set-up is almost similar to GPRS setup. Of course, meron ka pa ding papalitan - yung sa data account to use

Kahit wala yung phone mo doon, choose T39 or R520.

Posted by GOwin
how's the GPRS setup going?

if all the settings fail, you've probably got a defective phone. have it checked by your dealer.

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