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SmartBand 2 - Intelligent Heart Rate Monitor

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Posted by goldenface
Track today, for a greater tomorrow
Keep track of it all. Your heart rate, movements, sleep, even your moments of calm and excitement. Then Smartband 2 will measure your pulse and stress level, so you can decide if today is a day to take it easy or go for it.

Smartband 2 keeps an eye on your pulse and stress level, checking how your energy rises and falls. Then you can see what keeps you calm, what makes you excited and everything in between. So you can start doing more of what makes you, you.

With an inbuilt heart rate monitor, the Smartband 2 constantly checks your pulse, whether you’re on the move or sitting at a desk. See what activities raise your heart rate, and how your heart returns to its normal resting rate.

Walking, running or just rushing between meetings. However you move, the Smartband 2 captures it all so you can see how active you’ve been. Even while you sleep the tracker is still working hard, monitoring how long and how sound your zzz really is.


Posted by Xajel
Very nice and wanted update, but at $130... Hmmmm..

Posted by moogoo
nice update but too pricey. should just merge this with the smart talk and give a reasonable price or simply focus on the smartwatch and give the best device possible.

Posted by Xajel
The problem is, for the same price range ±$10~$15 you can get other devices from major wearable players, some might be a sportswatch, and some like this a smart band with a display which is not here in smartband 2...

They must have a very good platform that should be compatible with most other platforms to sync. as peoples will not just pick anything now unless it's compatible with what they used to use and sync. before

Posted by Supa_Fly
Can blogging your personal data/details be fully disabled, permanently by the user EVEN before connecting the device?

Sorry I see day when a person's health records even daily records that are NOT maintained securely and personal will one day affect their health insurance benefits and help when needed at the hospital, and may also affect their children's level of support when needed. Just like how the Bluetooth/WiFi connectors in a car are not being used and offered by Car Insurance company's in the first year to significantly lower your car insurance costs by 5% minimum only to know your EXACT driving habits and locations which in a NON-government controlled province/state/country will end up costing you MORE than ever before the next year.

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