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Comparison requests

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Posted by G3ORGE
Hey, I have a suggestion.

I'd like a sub forum or even a location on the website that would allow for users to request comparisons between cameraphones and if somebody happens to have those particular cameraphones they can reply/post them.

For example, I'd like a comparison between Nokia N8 and Galaxy S4. I wonder if a phone other than Nokia 808, finally beats N8 in photo quality. I'd create a thread in that sub forum and if somebody had both of those phones and was kind enough, they'd post a comparison.

Posted by hihihans
I'll take this as self-made pics only. No links.

Posted by tranced
In case of photos you can go to the photos section and compare them yourself.

Posted by Marly
I don't see, why we'd need threads to compare the photo quality of certain phones, everbody can compare those pictures in the photo section.
A topic would only end up in the usual, pointless "mine is better than yours" discussion.

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