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Help for ISdone.dll

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Posted by vivin12
mga sir matutulungan nyo po ba ako kung pano maayos ung ISdone.dll?
do ko po kasi mainstall ung Ghost Recon Future Soldier?....

Posted by laffen
I am sure this is something members outside of the Philippines would be able to answer. If you wrote your question in English, I'm sure more people could help you

Posted by Laicure
Same problem with my friend's installer..
They've been looking for the fix weeks ago but failed..
Instead, they throw their installers out and bought a different first-person shooting game..

They may have Googled it but still.. out of luck...

oh bloody hell.. It's you Vivin!
Pahingi installer, hanapan ko ng fix..

Laicure Leviare Icarus
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