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What Was The Last Firmwares To UIQ3

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Posted by nem-esis
Hi bros look fews days ago i do buy cheap a w960 and im happy with the sound but anyway i do like update the firmware so how seus is any more soporting UIQs fons , there is only ways suported way for se tool box and omnius guess , so i do like know what was the last firmwares to w960 and i do guess there would be very useful open a thread with the last firmwares to all UIQ3 devices, UIQ3 RULEZ STILL.

Posted by tranced
Hi and welcome!

What version is running your phone now? I think the latest was R9K009.

Posted by pbhat25
I am still using W960 and the latest firmware is R9K009. No updates after that

Posted by Residentevil
That is the same I have on my P1i as the latest phone FW. R9K009.
Happy new year.

Posted by johnmark03
hey Which version is running your phone now?
and how's is you experience...

Posted by nem-esis
hy bros i do check in the service menu, this my firm:

v. soft PDA: CXC162146 R6F41
v. soft telephone: CXC162037 RJ9006
v. soft bluetooth: CXC162143 RD1
v. CDA:CDA 162132/1 R6F40

( sorry for my inglish O_o )

So i do think i do need update the firm , i do make a search in the web and find the R9K009 firms.



So i do supose the World2 is for America and World1 for Europe but i dont are sure. Someone with SeToolBox what can confirm this?? please O_o

To flash i gona pay the license of omnius, but here is another important question there whent i do have what selecct the file to flash the firm in the software Omnius whent ask for file PDA extension (*pda)" to flash ten i do will select one file Pda but there is no filed PDA only i do have a Zip file of firm ten i do change to selecc "all files" and ten do appear the carpet zip with the firm but here is where i do no are sure if this is the procedure correct.

what do you think what are the procedure to flash the firm. in advance tanks for any help O_O

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