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Tmobile PAYG Plans

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Posted by fluke9
Do tmobile have a basic plan ???

Where the balance stays until used rather than disappears if you dont use it up ??

Searched but cant find anything.

Posted by goldenface
I thought they stopped all that carrying over business.

Posted by fluke9
No not carry over like Giffgaf I should say.

Where they have a plan were you put say a tenner on and it only runs out when you have used it all up, Asda has the same used to be 10p a min calls and 5p per text.

Like here http://giffgaff.com/index/pricing
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Posted by Bonovox
Think Orange does that,it's a simple tariff with one flat rate no freebies

Posted by fluke9
Thanks everyone, just need a spare phone, think I will go with GG.

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