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k610i not upgrading to cid52

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Posted by anim0y
I cant upgrade my phone (SE k610i) to cid52. I tried using xs++ 3.1, xs++ 3.2 and scripts for setool2 lite 1.11... they tell me that the proccess succeeded. but when I plugged my phone again it is still cid49! I tried repeating the whole proccess but it is completely unchanged...

is there any other way to upgrade it to cid52?...
i really want to flash it to w660..


Posted by bhavitsoft
This may help you, but you have to be cautious abt your phone. So, all the best

http://www.myforum.a site/showthread.php?t=38528

Posted by bhavitsoft
Go trying for this one too ..

Posted by tranced
Can you post the log?

Posted by Lollylost100
Just flash W660 MAIN, FS + QA using SETool 2 lite all at the same time using the bypass method.

This way you can flash CID52 FW to a CID49 phones.
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Posted by anim0y
whoa,.. that's a whole lot of new suggestions...
(I'll post the logs tomorrow. I'm using my phone in posting this reply actually.)

though... I'm very skeptical about flashing w660 firmware with the Quick Access patch. isnt it risky to do that? especially on setool? I've read lots of comments about misusing setool and ended up damaging their phones...
Is flashing that way really works?

Posted by bhavitsoft
http://www.myforum.a site/showthread.php?t=38528

The thread flashed with the warning :
This procedure will void your warranty!
And a problem during the procedure may and probably will damage your phone.
And if your phone does get damaged, in no way is it my responsibility!
I cannot guarantee that this guide is 100% correct.

This is really messy for you, so be cautious !

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Posted by anim0y
thanks for the warning... I'll keep that in mind...

hmm.. now about that crossflashing cid49 phone with a cid52 firmware... is it really possible?... can someone please give me a link?

thanks for the help guys..


this is one of my logs when I tried to upgrade to cid52. I used xs++ 3.2 here (the outcome is the same as the xs++ 3.1 Darwin even if I used a script for xs++ 3.xx)

13:18:02| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !
13:18:02| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
13:18:06| Attempting to open the
13:18:06| TURN OFF PHONE!
13:18:06| Hold 'C' button on phone and
connect phone NOW.
13:18:06| You have 30 seconds...
13:18:11| Baseband ID: 9900
13:18:11| Protocol Version: 3.1
13:18:11| Warning: IMEI name does not
match GDFS name (IMEI:K610
13:18:11| ...using IMEI name
13:18:11| Profiling SEMC phone...
13:18:11| Platform: DB2020
13:18:11| OTP CID: 49
13:18:11| EROM CID: 49
13:18:11| EROM Color: Red
13:18:11| IMEI: 35171001xxxxxx
13:18:11| Phone ID: K610
13:18:11| Region: VFE_LIVE_2
13:18:11| CDA: CDA102514/24 R7A
13:18:11| Firmware Version: R1JE001
13:18:11| EROM: R3A099
13:18:11| Ready for operation!
13:18:15| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_
13:18:15| Applet ID: 070129 0950
13:18:15| This is a PRODUCTION_ID
13:18:16| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_
13:18:16| Applet ID: 061205 1523
13:18:16| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
13:18:16| Sending db2020_red49_cs_
13:18:17| Applet ID: 070410 1557
13:18:17| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
13:18:17| Activating loader...
13:18:17| Activating GDFS...
13:18:31| This loader is UNLOCKED
13:18:31| Run GDFS-script...
13:18:31| Wrote 1 variables!
13:18:31| Read 0 variables to .Backup
13:18:31| GDFS-Script was run
13:18:31| GDFS operation was successful
13:18:33| Disconnected... Unplug the

and it generated a script or something. and when I try to open it with notepad it displays nothing.

and I forgot to tell you all that my phone was somewhat converted into a v630i. when I had it fixed for the blinking red light. (I dont know what did that technician did to my phone.) but I dont think that is the reason for not upgrading.

hmm,... what seems to the problem?


Okay I just tried flashing my cid49 with the W660 cid52 FW using setool lite (I included the QA for the firmware and marked the "bypass DB2020 security" and it didnt worked.

Im thinking of using omnius to change my cid and I wanted to consult you guys if it will work or if any desperate person like me ever tried it.....

I dont know if it will only works on cid53 phones...


just ran out ideas...
certain omnius features are not for free.....

(sorry for the bad english anyway.)
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