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Which phone has the better camera: Wave S8500 or SE Xperia Mini?

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Posted by Centerguy
At the moment i have a Samsung Wave S8500.
It's a great phone, especially the camera is amazing.

Well, now i have the chance to swap the Wave for a SE Xperia Mini.
I don't care about Android. I'm really satisfied with Bada.
But what i would like to know: which one of those 2 phones has the better camera, especially videocamera?

Like i mentioned, the Wave has a great picture quality - especially when taking videos.

But is the Xperia Mini any better in quality (especially video quality)?

And which one is the better phone overall? Wave or Xperia Mini?
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Posted by Bonovox
Samsung Wave has better details in the camera. I had the Wave 2 which had an brilliant camera and excellent HD video. Defo the Sammy

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