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Xperia S Restore Help

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Posted by badboi331
Hi Guys. I need some help. Updated to ICS but I started having issues with notifications and freezing. So I did a backup and restore using PC Companion. When it came to the restore, PCC told me it cannot restore contacts and call logs. Did a search online and many recommended that I do a backup of an empty contacts list after restore then restore the original contacts. I did that and PCC told me contacts have been restored but I'm left with an empty contacts list. Tried many times and it doesn't get restored even though PCC says it has. Now I also read that the dbk backup file can be renamed and opened as a zip file and in Applications, I would find contacts.vcf. But this file isn't there. I do have a folder called com.android.providers.contacts and this has a file in there named fullbackupdata that I cannot open. Is this the right file with contacts? If so, how do I open it and how do I restore my contacts? I am a first time user of Android so I hope this makes sense and any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by tobias84
You didn't sync your contacts to your google account?

Posted by badboi331
Like I say, I'm new to Android so don't know whether I did it correctly but I did add my gmail account on there when I first got it and sync was switched on but when I've added my Gmail account back on after restore and sync'd, I only see one contact - called Myself. Nothing happens when I tap it.

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