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Sony QWERTY-keyboard phones

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Posted by rene
Hi all!

I am a pretty happy owner of a Xperia Pro. It's only downside is that the hardware is a bit limited, and running multiple apps on the phone is like watching paint dry.

I wonder if Sony has any plans to launch a new phone with a physical keyboard like the Xperia Pro, but that would have more CPU/application memory?

Posted by mediar
Just in time - http://www.xperiablog.net/201[....]ase-an-xperia-with-a-keyboard/

Maybe you should check what Motorola, HTC or Samsung offer.

EDIT: http://www.androidcentral.com/motorola-photon-q-image-gallery
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Posted by starctaylor
I know, I was just watching some Xperia commercials and the girl in the video use one hand to hold the phone and another to use swype that was funny.

Posted by rene
Crap.. Well, when my Pro starts to feel too slow, then i'll go for an other brand. A plaintouch-screen is just a no-no for me. I need to write emails, log on to our linux-servers etc. That can't be done in a clever way wihtout a keyboard..

If Palm would had released their Foleo, then that would be the best option if a phone did not have a physical keyboard..

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