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Remote screening your handset on your laptop

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Posted by aka Dus
Hi all,

Is there any way I can view the screen of my Arc on my laptop? My phone screen has gone black - I can see the faintest outline of the app shortcuts on the homescreen but it's not bright enough to be able to navigate within the menus of settings. It rings and can receive messages and I can hear it functioning but I can't operate it since I cannot see the screen.

I am hoping I can connect it to my lappy via USB and in some way operate the functions of the phone that way.... Or am I dreaming?



Posted by altemyr
MyPhoneExplorer has a live screendump feature, but it may be somewhat tricky to make it work if it isn't already installed, if you don't have a functioning display on the phone, since a client app has to be installed on the phone, and some settings have to be changed aswell. Otherwise, maybe it's possible to use the HDMI output?

Posted by aka Dus
Tried to HDMI out the screen but nothing happened. It's weird, the phone works since I can hear it ringing when I call it etc and I can see the vague outline of the screen when I put it under light, see it transitioning screens when I flick through the home screens. But I can't see a thing when the room is completely dark, so I am guessing I have broken the backlighting somehow. So it probably wouldn't make any difference to be able get at the screen and try mess around with display settings anyway.

Posted by chunkybeats
did you try a reset? if not HDMI should work, if you swipe to unlock the phone when connecting to HDMI it will activate HDMI. I have had that when connecting HDMI. No matter what your screen has on its settings i.e. brightness on the phone it doesnt go through HDMI, it should work though. Also what version of Android are you running? It could be a bug with ICS too? I run gingerbread on my Neo V and it pretty much runs as it does. If not it could be your backlight has played up. Good luck!
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Posted by aka Dus
Thanks Chunkybeats, I am running 2.3.4 on my Arc. Will give it another go tonight and see if I can't get my screen up on my telly!

I reckon my backlighting engine is goosed and at this stage I just want to run a final app back up, SMS back up, file back up to get them all off it.

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