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Sony invests close to $1 Billion in the production of "Stacked" smartphone camera sensors

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Posted by Guarulhos
Sony apparently has big plans for its newfangled CMOS cameras that "stack" the circuitry and the sensor on top on one another instead of side by side, saving space, which is a precious commodity in smartphones.

Moreover, these sensors allow you to shoot HDR video on the fly, and the first one found its place in the 13MP Sony Xperia GX, which is bound to hit Japan next month.

Apple, Samsung and, of course, Sony, are using the company's sensors in their smartphones, so it will be interesting to see whether the "stacked" tech will make its way into the new iPhone 5 that is bound to arrive in the fall.

It might not be accidental that the Japanese are investing $994 million to expand plant production to 60, 000 wafers a month for making many of those stacked camera sensors.


P.S: Great News! Who Knows We'll Soon On The Market A Smartphone Sony What really "excited" When The Goal Is Photographic Excellence... Not Something That Happens From The Launch Spectacular Cyber Shot C901 !!!

Posted by chunkybeats
I reckon this is Sonys attempt to become innovative, it won't be for the iphone 5 it will be laid out for the xperia flagship as Sony don't want to lose their hard work and other OEMSs take the credit for it. It will debut on its flagship and then other OEMs will get the chance to use it on their new phones.

Posted by razec
Unless Apple and Samsung would pull a Nikon and form a pact of exclusivity deal to restrict Sony themselves from using their own sensors

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