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Apple Seeks Ban On On US Galaxy S3

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Posted by skblakee
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Posted by chunkybeats

On 2012-06-07 03:31:01, skblakee wrote:
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OMG Apple I used to not really like you but now? I really really really hate you, they are the biggest losers on this planet!
They are severly shitting themselves as the SG3 really is the best handset ever released so far.

Posted by razec
Why ban a product that doesn't look similar at any rate to an iphone of the past and present? while really I dislike GS3's design it is thoroughly clear that Samsung have made something different this time compared to their last year's flagship
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Posted by skblakee
Apple is being overly aggressive as if they invented the cellphone and everyone else should not sell any. This is over kill and very stupid. No Apple products for me.

Posted by chunkybeats
Whenever you see this article on this website and its an Apple fansite, tells you that things are going wrong for Apple!


Posted by mriley
ďItís no coincidence that Samsungís latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging"

What are they smoking?

Posted by Miss UK
I wonder if the person who sold apple that Galaxy 3
Here in the UK Still has a job? Lol

Apple should really need to cool down have they
Not relized that there 4S uses the same camera
Component also found in the Galaxy

Posted by Bonovox
If they are on about S Voice then most OS have a voice feature

Posted by Bonovox
It seems whatever shape you make a phone Apple will sue you cos they invented rounded corners(did not). For feck sake
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Posted by Tsepz_GP
Apple seem to get more and more pathetic by the year. The day the iPhone begins to lose traction globally will be a very sad one, they are burning bridges and will end up alienating themselves.
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Posted by Bonovox
Apple who??

Posted by goldenface
I hate their legalist ways. They don't do themselves any favours moaning all the time. Have they run out of ideas on how to compete or something?

Posted by Bonovox
Apparently their recent settlement talks broke down. Apple were quiet for a while then they see Samsung stealing the show and they muscle in again

Posted by Residentevil
The fruit company should spend their $$$ on R&D and help improve mfg. at their sweat shops instead of shuffling it down the throats of greedy lawyers.
If it isn't good for all phone customers you are on the wrong track.
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Posted by chunkybeats
I will never ever buy an Apple product again, they have had their time with me and I will not miss them for sure!

Now one brand that I havent had yet is Samsung (well phones anyway) I remember years ago their phones were so woeful and now its the opposite they are really pulling off some sweet moves! Now to win the lottery!!

Posted by goldenface
A new development:


A UK judge has ordered Apple to publish announcements that Samsung did not copy the design of its iPad, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

It said the judge said one notice should remain on Apple's website for at least six months, while other adverts should be placed in various newspapers and magazines.

Posted by Supa_Fly
Why is this a shock to everyone?!

2007 Steve Jobs specifically stated Apple filed for over 200 patents (that's a LOT for just 1 product) and they intended to protect them (vehemently expressed this as if to be a threat from announcement day, not even launch day).

Apple does a great jobs of hype, before product releases. now that Jobs is gone I fear (after the Retina Display MacBook Pro 15") that there is nothing left for Apple to innovate on. IOS6 brings some great improvements ... but Apple waited TOO long to release an update for 4S and users are now quickly leaving for S3 (ease of use or transfering to a new ecosystem be damned)!!

I'd SERIOUSLY like to see developers and Sony PUSH for Sony SmartWatch and its abilities to take off! THAT is innovation that needs to be pushed.

Posted by Miss UK
Prom I dunno about that I had a iPhone 4 and now a 4S
both may have the same housing but there 2 different devices

The samsung tab does actually look slightly like a ipad I mema seeing it last year
selling to customers, its slighly fatter but the front does look similar to the iPad

who actually came up with the ipad or Slab thing first needs a pat on the back

Posted by Residentevil
Looks like you stepped over to the dark side miss uk.

Apple makes good products now doubt about that, but life is about principal not convenience. No Apple products for me.

Posted by Miss UK
Ressy im not all dark promise I just happen to enjoy owning a decent phone
ive had alot of blips recently and over the years with previous others its just fair to
say I think that a iPhone seems blip free but its easily resolved changed without to much
bigger deal

Posted by Bonovox
Apple products are not blip free,no product is. All I read over the net is issues with the 4S

Posted by daviep
apple tries for total samsung android phone ban in the US because it is largest competitor
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Posted by Miss UK
Instead of aiming for the Manufacturers Apple should just le√°is/deal with Google nicely

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