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DK10 Livedock Multimedia Station query

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Posted by chunkybeats
Hi guys!

Just a quick one, I'm getting this shipped from the UK as I cant seem to get it here in NZ. I have one major question, does it come with a Micro HDMI cable? Im getting it from play.com . It doesnt mention about it on the spec sheet. Cheers guys!!

P.S. If anyone has managed to get one, what is it like? Whats the best games controller for it? I would love to use my ps3 controller to be honest!!

Posted by pt020
Hi ..Just got it last week,also here in Holland it was difficult to find a shop that has it.

First no micro HDMI !
In the box you have only the live dock and a micro usb charger NO cables.

To connect it to PS controller you will need an adapter from PS controller to USB or micro USB ... (the only lines in/out in the live dock)

and even then I am not sure it will work
there is also something strange with it ...if you connect the livedock with usb to your pc it will not charge your phone like it does without it ! so charger must be connected too
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Posted by adsada
I bought an OTG Micro USB cable instead for like 2 off ebay, but does the same job. The idea works very well, I had an logitech computer game controller, so this just plugged in with no adaptor needed. I would also invest in an HDMI cable for (I presume your neo) to connect to the TV (this wont be included) but means that you can obviously control the phone on the big screen. Before when showing photos to the family on the TV I had to sit close to the TV to flick through the photos on the phone (short cable) but now I can sit back and with a mouse just flick through. Really neat, you'll like it but it is expensive for what it is.

Posted by chunkybeats
Thats great guys thank you for your help.

Now i noticed pt020 you are using ps2 controllers, can i use my existing ps3 controllers with this or is there anyway i can do it for the Neo V? I saw some emulators but i think i need to have a rooted phone, can anyone confirm this?

I can wait for it now, and dude that looks awesome with your Mini Pro!!! Good times are due ahead!!

Posted by DarkKrypt
dont need a rooted phone for emulators.
such the nintendo 64droid.
gameboy advance.
super nintendo
sega megadrive 2 (genesis)
master system whatever you can find no root is needed
you can use a ps3 controller and wii controller

Posted by chunkybeats

Do you know any apps or what is the technique to get a ps3 wireless controller to work on the Neo?

Posted by chunkybeats
I just discovered that if you plug in the ps3 controller via usb into the livedock it will work exactly the same! You need the latest version of livewire through play store but its bloody awesome!! They didnt tell us that!

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