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the best tunelling softwares top 14

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Posted by Befree
2)free gate
7)sonic proxy
11)hotspot sheild
14)Traffic compressor

Posted by luckswabana

Posted by GUILE
hey befree did you manage to get any tunneler to download if so can you tell me pm

Posted by Befree
YEA nw i managed to get a vodacom proxy that is hostd in S.A it woks wth great speeds uncappd for 8 months and i also have a vpn software that woks wth vodacom wth great speed bt we swap i gve u fbt u gve me fbt

Posted by GUILE
I manage to find a couple fast proxies to use with the black cow fast for only browsing

Posted by Befree
what r the proxies?

Posted by GUILE
i have posted you the proxies check in your inbox i am waiting for that vodacom proxy now and the vpn i gave you the tricks now then your end of the bargain

Posted by Befree
dude the https trick just like the 1 i gave bt wth a new address

Posted by touns_J
@Admin please close this topic ALREADY !!!!!

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