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Why doesn't my arc show 3G

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Posted by Cormac1234
hello, i have the xperia arc and live in the uk. sorry for sounding like an idiot, but i dont really understand mobile networks i know 3g is the fastest so far but when using the internet i either get an 'e' or a 'h' in the notification bar. Which one is faster, and how to i get 3g like some of the promo pictures of the arc show it with '3g' written instead?
can someone explain this to me


Posted by Bonovox
H stands for HSDPA which is the faster speeds. E stands for EDGE but is slower on 2.5G speeds. If you see a 3G symbol that is also fast but not as fast as HSDPA. Hope that is clear enough?? Have you got 3G/HSDPA coverage in your area & which network is it?? Also 3G/HSDPA coverage is not widespread as 2G still but is always improving & may not be in your area on certain networks.
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Posted by mode
What you need to do is go to Settings--->Wireless Networks--->Mobile Networks--->Network Mode then choose WCDMA only. You'll get nothing but 3g on standby and HSDPA (H) upon data connection, hope it helps

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