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To all Those who have Doubts

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Posted by dx32
Well, Thanks to all the people that have appreciated my work and that are enjoying the stuff.
For the rest thank you for doubting in my work and running my good deeds down.

Perseus I hope you are happy
Exploiter I Hope you are Happy
Touns.J I hope you are Happy
and to the Others that Believe this SNERT I hope you are happy aswell.

Looks like nobody can do any good in the eyes of ESATO anymore .. So I will be leaving now !!!

Posted by skurk198
@dx32. well i quite enjoyed your topics here on esato, I just hope we'll see you here again in the near future, farewell my friend.

Posted by vegeto2
So whats the wi-free crack did you put a different version for not opening up

Posted by touns_J
NO !!!! don't leave please i am begging you...esato won't be the same without ..

Posted by vegeto2
Wht do you mean you are a waste of time touns who do you think you are giving links that doesnt work

Posted by touns_J
@vegeto STFU !!!!!

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