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clock losing time

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Posted by daviep
my satio clock loses around 40 minutes between charges,not gradually but between me checking the screen once and the again and the battery drains really fast and the battery indicator is really inacurate.
not good when i rely on the alarms to get up!
is there a connection between the two problems and anyone know how to solve these?
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Posted by norbi_nw
Hey. Maybeyou have some monitoring programs installed.. I know that on android phones these programs consume alot of battery.. for ex. call manager, remind me, etc.
My battery is draining fast when i play games.. really fast. And ofc when i browse the net.

About the losing time, well i also had that problem 2x in the last months, so i activated automatic time update... now it's working fine. In the clock settings you can find the option.

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