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Always get logged out on web version

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Posted by boy.in.PINK
Hi! Recently, I'm getting troubled with getting logged-out of Esato (the www version) on any browser I'm using. Every click redirects me to login page.

I'm using these browsers:
* Opera 11 beta (build 1140)
* Google Chrome 8 beta (8.0.552.224)
* Internet Explorer 9 beta
* Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 7

I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Any help? Thanks!

Posted by laffen
What do you do before you get signed out? Which page are you on when this happens and which link redirects you to the login page?

Posted by boy.in.PINK
Before I reply to a post usually. Sometimes, it's random. Right now, I'm using the mobile web version for my convenience. Thanks for the response.

Posted by boy.in.PINK
It's fine now. Have you done something? Thanks! Cheers!


Posted by fbloise
it happens to me a lot when using Esato from my iPhone4

Posted by hihihans
When i'm visiting the full-site on OperaMini with Aino thru wifi everything is fine.
Mobile site on Lumia800 IE9 thru 3g gives a time-out sometimes.
Full-site on Lumia800 IE9 thru 3g logged me out.
Using wifi on Lumia won't load Esato.
Mac won't load esato either.

This is only with Esato. I have no issues with other sites.
Yes I restarted all hardware. And yes I cleared al cookies and cache.
Anyone any idea?

Posted by hihihans
I called my providers helpdesk. They think Esato blocked my IP address

Posted by Marly

Anyways, tried to reproduce this, as said before, this is no WP/IE9 thing, both HTC 7 Trophy and Samsung Omnia 7 on WiFi have no problems loading Esato.
Put my KPN (network) sim in my trusty N900 : Esato sometimes loads and then, maybe half a minute later doesn't open another thread, 3.5G switches to 3G, so no internet. Tried a minute later, it worked again. And so on and off, a few times during Sunday afternoon, but no problems in the evening
BTW, KPN reception is excellent here.

The error message on my N900 was : "GW error 502 - bad gateway" (in Dutch : "GW fout 502 - slechte gateway").
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Posted by Bonovox
Lets hope Hans your new network will not continue like this.

Posted by Marly
Well, the KPN network has the best overall 3G coverage in NL and it's the most reliable network here aswell, problems are rare.
Plus, Hans has these problems only with Esato, afaik and on his Mac aswell and I suppose the Mac isn't on mobile internet, as the Netherlands are such a small country, we have cables for home internet lying almost everywhere, so unless you're in a very small village, you don't need the more expensive mobile internet for your home pc/mac.

Posted by hihihans
PC is working again. In the other thread Laffen said that the Esato Host had some problems.
At home I have a Cable network (UPC) Glasfiber

Posted by Bonovox
Well,Fbloise over on Face Book has said his Lumia loads Esato ok

Posted by hihihans
Everything is working fine now

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