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Online media for P1i

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Posted by hyperken
Hi all,

Does anyone know how to use online media for p1i (streaming online)?
Do you have any working url or list of website displaying movie for me to test out this online media for streaming 3gp or realmedia files?
I would like to test out how it works.

Thank you.

Posted by hyperken
No body knows any website given 3gp/mpeg4 movie for me to do some testing?

Posted by jplacson
AFAIK, with my old P1i, your provider had to have streaming enabled. It's a separate APN for streaming media, and your provider is supposed to have like a webpage specific to your country/phone. It's not like Youtube or anything that works over regular http.

There are other apps that may allow it, but the built in streaming protocol of the P1i is meant for provider channels

Posted by hyperken
ic ic..

then i would had no luck to test on this online media from the p1i menu.
Thank you

Posted by arvinlad
With 3G, gprs or WiFi?

I get m.youtube.com working fine on WiFi - I find using fixed ip address improves connectivity - mostly using HQ video will freeze the phone up so that you need to take the battery out to get it working again!

I have disabled phone internet since I don't have a contract and I was finding that the phone kept logging in to the internet for various things and costing me money for nothing - I only spend about 15 every 4/5 months (T-Mobile text appeal 3p texts LOL )

Good luck...

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