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Airtel is cheating

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Posted by DrAPM
I purchased a pre-paid 9898112338 sometimes in 2006.
It was having a talk time of Rs. 2500 or so when I paid for one year validity in Nov. 2009
As I am abroad on deputation of MEA to Embassy of India, I did not use this number.
Actually I paid for one year validity just for this reason that my deputation initially was only for one year. so it was intention to come back to India and use this account.

All my finacial transactions like bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, payment gateways are linked with this number.

Now I asked for another extension of validity by one year, and was shocked to know by helpline that this number has been allotted to someone else as there was no activity. This is just cheating. Airtel never informed me about this in writing and if my financial accounts are misused, this will be terrible as my pasords and codes are sent by SMS to this number.

I am planning to write to Ministry to take an action on Airtel.

What you people suggest?

Thanks and regards,

Posted by ceaser2008
Indeed its a injustice. I think you should go to consumer forum instead of ministry.

Posted by DrAPM
As I am abroad it is difficult for me to approach CF and process the case.

Posted by ceaser2008
You can choose someone from your family to proceed the case on your behalf.

Posted by DrAPM
I will try this option. I have my own lawyer also.
Thanks and best regards,
prof. dr. Arun Mishra

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