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Free Internet by Illegal means

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Posted by vodacom3g

We have been notified that there is a large quantity of users who are using our services for free internet.

Circumventing our payment system by any means is against the law and trespassers will be dealt with swiftly.

Vodacom reserves the right to terminate any account at their discretion.

All RICA'd registrants who circumvent our systems by using these so called tricks will receive a warning. We hold the right to ban you from using our services and if needed legal action will be taken.

We have picked up absurdly high data usage on our zero-rated sites and have taken action to prevent this. We reserve the right to terminate these services at any time.

This is a friendly warning. We will not tolerate this in the future.

*Terms of Use - Under no circumstance should networks find out about free internet. Any snitch, leak, spy will be prosecuted and raped by underground standard issue 005. If you know about anyone attempting such behavior you are required to report such behavior and fry their computers.

Don't f#ck with us. Let no network oppose us. Let no snitch rat us out. h4ckz0rs 0ut yo !
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Posted by Rasta0000
Vodacom should reduce their prices, they are too expensive.

Internet should be free, we must pay for calls and sms of which they are also expensive.

Thanks for the advice.

Posted by forever33
Nice one!

Posted by 8adb0y
Instead of sending out warnings why don't you just block the tricks?

Posted by vodacom3g
I am only a representative of Vodacom. I do not wish to enter any debates or reasoning regarding Vodacom.

This is quite a challenge which has been presented to Vodacom. The easiest option currently is for us to close down the so called free-sites.

Currently Vodacom will only suspend accounts. It is confirmed that after January 2011 Vodacom will take legal action if this continues.

Complete and useful information regarding zero-rated websites and 'tricks' that are used will be rewarded with a 40GB data bundle package.

Thank you for your understanding
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Posted by sitnet

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Posted by hartseer
platekloof cape town,big head office are in century city,give me money not 20gb

Posted by sitnet

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Posted by sitnet

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Posted by vodacom3g
I cannot disclose personal information.

The TOS was my mistake, expect a updated link soon.

Sitnet please refrein from such, this is only a warning from Vodacom

Posted by hartseer
ok mr 3g leave us a message on mybroadband.co.za under a new thread vodacom freesites then i believe u
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Posted by SLYFOX
@rasta jou bang ding !!!!!!!!good point hartseer

Posted by sitnet

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Posted by Vimak
@vodacom3g, I got warned by the admin and my message is deleted, however, dont try us mr. Coming to think of it, its guys lyk you who got us caught. Not 2 worry though, we know what makes vodacom tick. This is why im online 4 free using vodacom as we speak. Why dont u and your voda answer the challenge instead of sending threats. I know: U GOT BLOCKED AND U...LOOK MAN THERE IS NO MORE TRICKS IN HERE...GET LOST...U SHOULD HAVE PARTICIPATED WHILE U HAD A CHANCE...NOTHIN GOES PUBLIC ANYMORE.
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Posted by sitnet

Posted by hartseer
Mr 3g u must inform us,when the new tos will be available,and im waiting on mybroadband

Posted by skurk198
Lmao!!!! Mr.3g...... Cheats and tricks r going nowhere they will always b around. Tell that 2 voda!!!!! "U 3g spy".... Lol.

Posted by Sbu_net
Mr voda3g, u are just waisting our time and ur time too, why don't u just go to S.A.B.C and advertise ur warning, just like ESKOM AND TELCOM did with the IZINYOKA advert, then maybe we might pay attention

Posted by tranced
This member, vodacom3g, seems to be just another normal member. The IP shows another country different to SA.

Assuming this is a joke, let's close this up.

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