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secret menu earpiece setting not saving K800i

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Posted by lostpacket
I had to reprogram my k800i and lost all my settings. I've got it all set up except for the earpiece volume which is typically low in this model. The fix is to set it in the service menu.

When I go to the secret service menu to raise the earpiece volume, it allows me to change it, I hit ok. If I go back, it is at the old level, not the one I just set.

So is it really not saving it or just going to a default level? If it is not saving it, what could be wrong?

I have updated the service to the latest one and my phone is not a locked version.

I would test it but it is midnight here and I don't wake anyone to have them give me a test call. (no land line either)

Posted by tranced
It is supposed to do it that way. That's why it says SERVICE TESTS. If you want to increase the volume while a call, press the volume keys at the right side of the phone

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