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Posted by cyberwolf
Hello, As you all know Im Cyberwolf.

I am Currently in a Community and they have several Proxies, Direct Connections, Proxies that reach speeds up to 500kb/s and more. We have Free internet methods for Vodacom - Cell c - Mtn - Virgin Mobile, We have YOur-freedom Direct access for all ISP aswell as several other things. If you have any Direct Connection with good speeds please PM. Dont send me messages of how you want internet proxies or whatever but dont have any methods.Please or begs will be ignored.. I want a share share win win deal. If you dont have dont bother contacting or replying.

Posted by NoobLeecher
Dude, what is it that u need? Try using plain english.

Posted by sitnet
Cyberwolf please don't invite random people to our private forum!!!

Posted by Hacker89
This is going to cause chaos.

Posted by lelando
Oh I see Im not the only one using ?f with our lame isp here in sa hey I just joined esato im browsing here now free with direct connection using mtn i SEE everyone use dot tricks and cgi tricks lol I dont I just use ?f and mtn sim anyways lol sorry bout the qeustion marks I dont want to share this with every one oh for fast proxys use ones wich connects on port 443

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