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Help me choose my new headphones

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Posted by alexlt
I'm planning to buy a new pair of headphones, in-ear type, so I could use it with my phone / MW600 and computer. My budget it's something between 50-100 USD but can add a litlle more if they are really good ones

I want they have good bass, be durable, and i'd prefer an asymmetrical two type-headphone, I mean with a short cable plus an extension, so I could use it with my MW600 without the whole lenght of the cable hanging out.

My choices are between Sennheiser CX400-II or Sony MDR EX-500. If you can recommend me other brand or model whitin my budget I'd be really grateful.


Posted by rikken
I would go for Denon AH-C360 or AH-C551 Great sounding earbuds.

Posted by alexlt
Thanks rikken

The AH-C551 seems like the ones I'm looking for. Do you know how much bass can they produce compared to the Sennheiser CX400-II??

Posted by rikken
I have no experience with the cx 400-II but I have the cx300-II and I find the Denon AH-C551 to sound better. More detailed, open and richer. And the bass is clearer and more defined I use an SE w995 and a Htc Desire for listening.

Posted by mriley
Just out of interest, which phone do you prefer when listening to music, in terms of aurdio quality - Desire or W995?

Posted by desirecare
You can find the cell phone accessories http://www.cellularoutfitter.com

Posted by rikken

On 2010-07-25 21:11:45, mriley wrote:
Just out of interest, which phone do you prefer when listening to music, in terms of aurdio quality - Desire or W995?

I definetly prefer the w995. I find the sound to be overall better, and the presence of an EQ is most satisfying. Miss that on my Desire. The Desire is without a doubt great in terms of audioquality but it depends more on which headset/earbuds I use

Posted by alexlt
Thanks rikken,

I couldn't read you post on time so I ordered the CX400-II, they will be my first pair of quality headphones so I'm planning replace them at the end of the year I'll post my impressions.

Denon has my attention now, so for my next headphones I'll consider AH-C551 and AH-C751

Thanks again.

Posted by jplacson
I'm quite happy with my AKG K324P in ears .. I don't know how their new K370 perform but I'm very satisfied with AKG's line-up. Sennheisers would be my other choice as well, they used to be harder to find here in the Phil until now.
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Posted by aldrinus
i have been a senn user for the longest time... quite pricey but definitely worth every penny!

Posted by adeelMalik
my choice for you is Sennheiser CX400-II .....
i think you will enjoy

Posted by angelas
Sennheiser CX400-II is a better one.

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