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Sony-Ericsson HBH-IS800

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Posted by skblakee
Anyone ever tried/used/owned a pair of these little buggers from

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Posted by goldenface
I have them. What would you like to know?

Posted by skblakee
The music quality, what is it like? Are they worth the price?

Posted by tranced
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Posted by goldenface
Sound quality is quite good. I would rate them quite high.

If you're sick of having to thread wires under your shirt / coat etc and hate having to untangle your earphones then these are the answer. They wrap around the back of your neck and clip onto your collar.

They're unbelievably light. Check compatibility for volume control.

I've seen some on eBay from around 40 but most sell at around 60.

I love them. They really are ultra portable, weighing in at only 13g.

Posted by skblakee
The volume compatibility with an Omnia HD is my second concern. I kept reading and looking for controls and seeing none but thought it was me not being able to see them.
Thanks, will consider them although the volume control seems to be a slight problem.

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