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M2 Car Not recgnosed

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Posted by aqug
MY Cells M2 Memory card (512 MB) is not being recognised by any card readers, i think it got crouppted , is it possible to make it usable again?

Posted by hihihans
The first step would be to format it with your phone.

Maybe your card was dead like mine... I connected my M2 to pc by card reader, and it turns out there was a leakage of electric current on USB port and damaged my M2...
After that, i NEVER touch card reader
No more.
Better using usb data cable
Slow but safe

Posted by strauts
i hope SE original usb M2 adapter will not burn any memcard, couse i wil buy 8GB, and its pretty expensive.

Posted by Navar
Hi guys.i had buy a m2 card 8g with 56$ dolar.is that the normal price?.and one thing more.its not found here in my country.i buy it from a friend he has it in his w995

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