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Posted by superleeds27
Currently on O2 and eligible for an upgrade.

I have a C905 and im paying 25 a month for 600 mins and unlim texts, and this also includes insurance.

Rang today as im now able to upgrade, they claim that the '15' discount off the 35 plan will expire in July as it was only an 18month loyaly discount!

I'm after the Sony Ericsson X10, which they claim they can give to me, for:

18 Month - 40 p/m, 600 Mins, Unlim Texts, unlimited internet, (Which obvs won't be unlim soon)
24 Month - 35 p/m, 600 mins , unlim texts, unlimited internet, (Which obvs won't be unlim soon)

Soo, What shall i do, I've been looking around and there doesn't seem to be too much on offer on other networks. I would like to stay with O2 but can't really afford, 35 plus insurance on top, and then be tied down for 24 month!

Hints? Tips? know any good offers??

Please advice me!!!!

Posted by goldenface
Look at the second one down, here O2 are pulling a fast one.

900 mins, unlimited texts and free internet for 30 / month, 24 months. Free X10 black. Plus, Three's network is brilliant now it's sharing with T-Mobile.

If O2 can't beat the above deal I'd get my pak code and leave. It's 5 / month cheaper for 50% more minutes, although insurance might take up the extra.

Here is 600 mins, 500 texts, 1GB internet on an 18 Month T-Mobile contract for only 30 per month.
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Posted by Bonovox
3UK are the only ones to offer decent data options or T Mobile. You will find O2 and Orange changing the unlimited option now. That's not what i would call looking after customers. Haggle with them ask for PAC code then see what they offer you. When you say your going to leave that's when they bend over backwards for you. And i agree 3UK have fantastic coverage and speeds now

I Am The Walrus(goo goo g'joob)

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Posted by goldenface
Bono is right. You have to request a PAC code first of all, then you'll be transferred to retentions.

Them tell them you've found a better deal elsewhere, point it out to them and if they can't beat it then leave. It's the only way you'll get a cheaper deal from them.
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Posted by superleeds27
So i ring o2 and state i want to leav as ive found a better deal elsewhere: ie:

900 mins, unlimited texts and free internet for 30 / month, 24 months. Free X10 black

See what they offer:

Is three actually any good now?

Posted by goldenface
Yeah, tell them you've seen a better deal elsewhere and ask for your PAC code, they'll ask you what deal and with which network and if they can't match it or beat it then leave.

They'll either match it or give you free extras to keep you on, such as insurance, etc.

I've been with three for 2 years now and the network speeds are great and never have a reason to ring them up. IMO they have the best data network for internet.

I used 1.7GB last month with no complaints from them. O2 and Orange are getting rid of their unlimited data plans.

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Posted by superleeds27
Just rang o2 again and said im after the X10.

She stated the plans, and i then mentioned that i had seen better deals elsewhere, and ashe asked what i had seen so i stated the deals that was posted above.

Three and T-mobile

Basically said she couldn't match them, and well, didn't want to put me through to retentions?

Any othe options?

Posted by Bonovox
That's pants man don't networks know how to keep customers Not sure of other options but firstly if you do plan to leave get a cheap network sim for 3UK or T Mobile & check the coverage where you live. Do not rely on their coverage checkers online or in store. I had that trouble with Vodafone they said I was surrounded by 3G but I had none. Ask O2 again another person & if nothing again just leave. Sometimes when you ask someone in customer service for something they say no then speak with someone else & they do it Try again but I can't think of any other options

Posted by superleeds27
I just really can't be bothered with the hassle of terminating, PAC Code, keeping number etc etc. Process takes forever, and i've read how sometimes it takes ages for PAC etc.

I'll try n ring o2 again, really need a number for Retentions and not the 'Upgrade' line!

Posted by masseur
porting takes max 2 days now and some companies like tmob give you the PAC code when you call them and ask for it, otherwise its usually sent in a text shortly after the call

its really an easy process these days

Posted by Nanu
Just ring and ask to be put through to retentions..... and the PA-Code takes hardly any time nowadays

Posted by Bonovox
I have had my PAC codes in the past from all networks given to me over the phone or sent via text. In Ireland they already do number porting within 20 minutes

Posted by larry 68
Stick with persuing o2 for a better deal.
When the Satio came out they wanted 35 a month on a 2yr deal and 200 for the phone on my upgrade.
I was told on numerous occasions that they couldnt match the free on a 30 tariff and that I should politely bog off elsewhere
It took me a whole month of random calls till I got one of the nicer operators who happily gave me phone free for 30,
pays to be persistent with o2, they are inconsistent, you just need the right one to take the call.

Posted by Bonovox
How on earth have O2 kept so many customers acting this way?

Posted by lukechris
Nobody knows, in fact My mum and stepdad are with them, really unreliable, they've been with them for 6 years but are leaving at the end of 12 months. I love vodafone, and the ability to haggle, you get from them what you want for whatever you want to pay.
I got my deal coming from a 30 day contract, and had that for 3 months, and because you have had that they can then put it through on their system as an upgrade (ie. big discounts)

Posted by Bonovox
How come your Desire has Orange logo on it when your with Vodafone

Posted by lukechris
Cheapest place I could get it was on Orange (with an 8 unlock code). Considerably cheaper (ie. over 100) than everywhere else sealed in box

Posted by Bonovox
Oh I see. Be good if you could get rid of the Orange logo with a new back or something

Posted by fluke9
I have a 3 usb dongle and am very impressed with the speed.

Soon as my O2 contract is up Im off to 3, O2 do not know how to keep customers happy any more.

Posted by Bonovox
My 3UK modem is fast too

Posted by superleeds27
I managed to get:

500 Mins, Unlim Text, Unlim Internet for 30. 9 knocked off phone, so only had to pay 40 for that.

10 insurance added on top too.

Posted by goldenface
Congrats. What was the contract length?

Posted by superleeds27
24 Months!
Its a while, but im sure this hone will be still strong in 2years!

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