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Xtero ScreenSaver 2

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Posted by mediar
Xtero ScreenSaver 2 - released on 9 May 2010!

Xtero Screensaver 2 is a significant upgrade to its predecessor. This time it offers Vista-like and 7 RTM-like screensavers for your mobile phone. It's flash animation, created with Adobe Flash CS4, and requires Flash Lite 2.0 ( or higher ) to run successfully. Of course, you can download it free from my site! It is released again in two subversions - Vista and Seven Edition. Download source:


Attention - This screensaver uses specific timeline, specially adjusted for Sony Ericsson phones, so it may not work properly on other mobile phones. In case your phone doesn't support Flash Lite 2.0 or the resolution of the screen is smaller that 240x320, you can use the older ScreenSaver V1. This animation is tested on these models: W910 and W980. Since this newer version is released, the previous screensaver is removed from my site. Change log and key features:

- You can barely find a screensaver like this one in internet, furthermore with such a high quality;
- All of the graphics are extracted from the original file systems of both OSes, without any compression;
- It's significantly faster that its predecessor, no visible lags are registered;
- Fade-in and fade-out effects are added, just like the real Windows does;
- For better imitation, use the Xtero Theme as a default theme.

For bugs or questions write here or in my forum. Decompiling and editing the swf file without my permission is absolutely forbidden. The latest official version is Xtero ScreenSaver V2 ( codename ScreenSaver V3 ). More: Theme. The file hosting is supported by MediaFire and 4Shared.
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