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problem with connection for c905a and HPM-82

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Posted by hydrodiver
Hi everyone,

I've had this annoying problem with the connection between my HPM-82 headphones and my c905a. I use my phone as an mp3 player and every once in a while, the sound will just cut off even though the headphones are still secure in the fast port. In order to get it to work again, I just have to unplug and re-plug and then it's fine. It's a minor nuisance since it doesn't happen often but still annoying.

Any c905 users have this issue happen to them also?

Posted by hydrodiver
I think I remember reading somewhere that this is an issue with the c905, but I don't know for sure. I just wanted some confirmation so I don't have a defective fast port or a defective phone altogether.

Posted by alexlt
It's not a C905 issue, it's actually a Fastport issue

Fastport realibility it's very poor, my W910 almost doesn't recognise any kind of headphones. The only solution I've found is to use wireless headphones Seriously, I think a clean up to your fastport should help a little, but for my experience your fastport will eventually break with time. If anyone knows a solution to this loosy fastport connection problem I'd like to know it too.


Posted by hydrodiver

Thanks for your response. I dunno, I've used the w580 and w760 before this phone and I've used these same headphones flawlessly with both of them for almost three years, so I'm pretty sure nothing's wrong with the headphones.

I've already ordered the MW600 bluetooth headset and am just waiting on them to arrive. That should solve my headphone / fast port connection problem (charging and usb tranfer work just fine). I just know that the c905 has gotten a lot of poor reviews regarding build quality in general, and I was just looking for some reassurance that I wasn't going to fall victim to the same misfortune.

Posted by Jupiterdrops
i got one for my elm. and i have the same problem.
it happens frequently. and its ridiculously weird. sometimes even when wriggling it, it still works. it stops working when its lying there untouched. infact it seems to happen most often if i use the remote. my morning ride on my 2wheeler basically goes well if i have a radio to listen to, and this headset makes me want to ram into the guy infront of me.

the real reason why im pissed is because Sony has listed it as compatible on their site:
Now shouldnt they have the common sense to do this AFTER testing. its just pissing offff, more than anything because this headset costs 5 times a normal one, and the cost of BT headset here is about half the cost of my phone.

PS: Do let me know if you find a solution.

Posted by hydrodiver
The only and best solution that I've found is to use a stereo bluetooth headset. The MW600 headset has never given me a problem and the sound is excellent. Even when I didn't have problems with a wired headset, I had always been looking for a good set of bluetooth headphones because of the wire obstructing me from zipping my jacket or reaching into my pocket, etc. I purchased two different kinds of headsets before I learned about the MW600, which I think is perfect. Mobilecityonline.com sells them brand new for $50 (US) which is a good price for both the quality and ability.

Posted by Jupiterdrops
i did have a look at the MW 600, since FM radio is a must for me. its newly launched here. but for some reason its cost is Rs/4000 equivalent of a 100$. while the HPM 82 came at a much more reasonable $30 rangle, which is still 5 times the price of a remote free headset. i thought it'd be a worthy investment considering the Elm has no Music button. apparently not.
anyway, i guess i'll go give the service center a try.

Posted by hihihans
K850 had problems with hmp-82 too. (Or was it hmp-80)

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