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PrePay Dongles

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Posted by Miss UK
Hey All. To cut costs down im thinking of getting a PrePay network dongle rather than having Virgins charge every month of 20, as of Wed my Gas and Electric turns to pay monthly so something has to cut down! Now these dongles allow u to pay various prices that give u different allowances, mx question is are they reliable? And which one is has good service? Awaiting ur advice peeps

Posted by lukechris
I would reccomend not to get one. Where I live they are continually disconnecting and end up costing more anyway.

Posted by Bonovox
Well from experience my 3UK is now better than ever & I never lose connection once. It's actually reliable until you start using You Tube. A while ago it was slow & poor but I have seen massive improvements. Get the one with the best cost & best 3G signal by you. Vodafone have been voted one of the fastest but I have not used theirs as they still have no 3G here I would not say don't get one they are not THAT bad just don't get O2 one it's awful even with good signal My current 3UK pre pay one I get 1gig for 10 3 gig for 15 & 7gig for 25 top up which lasts 30 days although you can top up as much as you like or when. You don't have to wait 30 days. If you have decent signal get 3UK if not get Vodafone as I know you have coverage by you as you said. In my experience of 3UK mobile broadband it's perfect for browsing & watching some video depending on time of day. But for downloading & uploading it's slow. Vodafone even though they have been voted fastest I have read that they reduce bandwidth or something which results in pages with pictures looking poor.
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