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Posted by fluke9
Anyone know a way to disable that firkin annoying "Your calling credit is running low" message evertime you try to dial out ???

I think I will go to another network, if there was one as cheap.

Posted by Bonovox
You could try ringing them see if they can disable it. But i do not imagine you can as its recorded in the network. Its the same thing as Vodafone as they use same network. Try calling them

Posted by blerk
Some of these messages can be turned off but they most likely need the numbers on your sim card. Tesco needed mine to disable the annoying "you have .... pounds of credit left" after each text or call. But they did disable it.

Posted by phonecrzy
You can't change that its a network default, asdas just a cheap ass-network just get a cheap priced big brand (i.e. giffgaf, ok it isn't that big but its by o2 so...) because you can power it more.

Posted by fbloise
I have the same message in my Lebara... I hate that because comes when you have less than 2...

Posted by flipper321

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