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Color saturation in k550i cam driver

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Posted by parveen247
Dear friends,

i just want to know that how to edit color saturation in k550i original cam driver,
Please help me.


Posted by Raiderski
1. find: seq_init=
2. some line below find: #COM_EVENT(72,00)
3. above it insert new line: #COM_EVENT(58,xx), where xx is:

xx = 00 is neutral
xx < 00 is desaturation (from color to black & white), minimum is (hex) E0, (dec) -32
xx > 00 is saturation (more color), maximum is (hex) 20, (dec) 32

values are in hexadecimal system! use calc with dec->hex conversion (scientific mode for Windows calc) to calculate values

Posted by boy.in.PINK
@Raiderski is this applicable to OmniVision 2640 camera module (g502 in particular)? thanks!

Posted by Raiderski
nope, only Sony

Posted by boy.in.PINK
sorry for being a bit offtopic.. so the instuction you gave earlier is for sony-based cameras only.. do you have any idea for adding saturation for the G502's camera, just like the C902? thanks! t0ph.. n_n

Posted by Raiderski
I don't know much about OmniVision modules, you can try to ask Number1 which has much more experience in this matter

Posted by boy.in.PINK
@Raiderski thanks! maybe i should refer to his thread regarding this cam module.. have a good day! n_n

Posted by Raiderski
thanks! nice day to you too!

Posted by boy.in.PINK
@Raiderski I guess number1 isn't active these days but I did discover something..

I tried searching "seq_init=" on the cam module and I saw this:

$u01 $u02 $u07
#REG_BANK_01 00 01 $f $d0050
$s7 FF;

What do you think sir? Is the code has something to do with the color saturation? Thanks in advance..

Posted by DivineJakiro
below the #s7 FF;

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