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Quadrapop 5.0

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Posted by nadidoc
Hey guys i bought the SE aino. It came with quadrapop a new version-a bunch of colored paintballs... I had seen another Aino phone with the colored creatures quadrapop... does anyone have this version? Or can you tell me how to get it? when i tried to download from the WAP site it said I cannot replace the old one.

Posted by hihihans
Congratulations with your Aino. The paintballs came with the new FirmWare, in 049 were the creatures. I've seen many versions over the years.

Posted by groovepeppy
maybe you are choosing to download the default theme for the games?
i don't have any problems on adding the other "2" QuadraPop themes,
yes they are 3 themes to add but i did not download the one that are made by someone (with his pic as thumbnails)

Posted by nadidoc
hey guys thanks for your help. the day i posted this query i sat with my phone and explored it a bit more and figured out that you can change the quadrapop theme and so i got the creatures... sad part is i used sony ericsson live chat for the same query and that idiot had no idea on how to go about things...

Click to view updated thread with images

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