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SE G502 problems

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Posted by Zaborg
Hi...i have many problems with my phone...
1) I use my phone to connect my PC to the Internet. But if i am online some minutes, it disconnects and i can see the network icon disappear on my phone...also the signal strength will become 0% (and the operator logo dissapears) and in a few moments it will connect again (i use redial option to reconnect in every 5sec if the line is dropped)...this is very annoying and i had to live with it 2months now...i google-d and everything...but cant find any help.
2)If i am connected 24/7...then my battery (mobile's) goes 0% (i hope u can understand my bad english..) and the usb cable doesnt recharge it anymore, when the mobile is switched off...its very annoying if i try to download something over night etc...and if i charge it a bit and plug it back in..it starts to recharge to 100% and sooner or later it will go low again (lets say in 6-12h or so...)

Thanks! Ill answer any questions if u need to help me out.

Posted by Zaborg

Posted by kawaii
maybe a fastport problem
try to clean it with the tip of a pencil to clean the corroded portion

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