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k750i BT connectivity fails

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Posted by bogdan0
For a while now, the problems I have connecting my k750i with Samsung n110 kept on increasing until it reached the level in which the netbook doesn't see the phone anymore. On the other hand, the phone can see and attempt to pair with the netbook but no notification appears on the netbooks' screen to enter the secret code - it's like the netbook doesn't recognise the phone at all.

Going through some older posts here, I've noticed that there were people having similar problems with using the remote control feature on the phone through HID. Similar case: at the beginning I was able to fully control my netbook with k750i and connectivity and use of apps (such as MyPhoneExplorer) was "piece of cake".

Tech specs:
OS: Windows XP Home SP3
Bluetooth software: WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software
Device(as listed in the Device Manager): Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB dongle (it's not an external device though)

If any of you experienced similar problems, please help.

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