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Number porting disaster

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Posted by Caspa
Proper pissed. Number port was supposed to go through on Wednesday, but since then I have had outgoing calls with my number but no incoming calls and no sms service at all!

Orange say its because Tmobile haven't released the number fully but for some reason they still ain't sorted it!

Proper pissed off as its my business line so I'm losing money because of it!

Posted by Bonovox
I have heard alot of porting problems from T Mobile/Virgin on some other forums. Last time i ported to Orange everything went smooth. Normally when porting you get a 24 hour period when you may have line disruption but not as long as you have had. Have you spoken to T Mobile? Sometimes with Orange your sim needs lots of updates so call Orange again ask them to send you sim updates which should fully integrate your number into Orange. It should only be 2 days now and 5 at maximum to port a number. I had a situation once after porting whereby the old number was still showing on the sim when i looked at phone status on Sony Ericsson phone. After a few sim updates my ported number appeared. Just keep getting onto them

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