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Contracts While On Benefits

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Posted by mobilerob
Hi, I'v recently left college and have signed on for jobseekers allowance until i can find work. Im desperate for a new phone but unsure whether i'm able to take out a contract due to the fact my only income is the benefits, anybody know anything about this?

Thanks, Rob

Posted by goldenface
As long as you don't have a bad credit rating then I'm sure they'll offer you a contract.

There are some very cheap (sub 10) contracts available so how much you earn isn't really a problem for them and I'm not 100% sure if disclosing your income is even a requirement. They just need to see that you don't have a bad credit history.

Posted by Bonovox
I no longer have debts and although working my credit rating is poor due to one bad debt some years back. T Mobile are easy to pass credit checks. Last time i passed they never asked me my status

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Posted by mobilerob
Alright thanks for the help, i'll go in to my local store tomorrow and see what offers they have got on at the moment.

Any recommendations as to which phone to get? Sony ericsson or others?

Thanks, Rob

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