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iphone 2g unlock and upgrade to 3.1.2

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Posted by masseur
my daughter has a 2g iphone running 1.1.4 which is unlocked and jailbroken by ziphone

she now wants to upgrade to the latest firmware to take advantage of new features and the app store while still keeping it unlocked and jailbroken

I've researched a bit and found out about BootNeuter which apparantly can permanantly unlock a 2g iphone but I've not been able to find any info on doing it to a 2g thats already been unlocked and jailbroken by ziphone

I'm also not yet 100% certain that once BootNeuter'd, updating to 3.1.2 really does leave it unlocked, though I know that blackra1n can jailbreak it but blacksn0w can't unlock it.

has anyone done something similar that can give a little actual knowledge from experience?

Posted by anonymuser
Probably completely irrelevant, off at a tangent, and you've thought of it anyway, but wouldn't it be possible to get O2 to unlock this now anyway? There must be a way to get it back to stock, unlock it through itunes so it's official, update it to the latest official fw and then jailbreak?

Posted by masseur
I have thought about it but I've read their unlocking rules and the phone must have been supplied by O2 or CPW. This one came from the US, unfortunately and the O2 rules say you have to go back to the supplier to get an unlock.

I'm still researching exactly what I can do here before jumping in as I don't want to end up with a 3.1.2 2g iphone that can't be unlocked

Posted by anonymuser
Ah, fair enough - I was assuming it was an O2 phone originally, but presumably it was actually an AT&T handset. I wonder if they'll ever offer an official unlock for these older phones, now that they must all be out of contract?

Posted by masseur
actually, now that I think about it a bit more, I wonder if it is an AT&T. I know my very first 8gb one was but I sold that a week later when I realised I liked the iPhone and bought the 16gb and now have some vague memory that it might have been o2.

I think I'll plug the IMEI into the O2 unlock system and see if it comes back (can't hurt doing so anyway)

Posted by anonymuser
Good luck! I had a look for any evidence of AT&T official unlocking, surprised (in a way) to find they're still bluntly denying it's possible even where phones are out of contract - http://www.wireless.att.com/a[....]arset=UTF-8&solutionId=KB82027 - if I was the owner of a now 2.5 year old original iPhone (that I may well have paid almost full price for anyway) I'd be pretty annoyed at that. O2 certainly have their faults but at least they're a little more enlightened about such things.
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Posted by masseur
I'm not surprised at that really.

I just went to the Apple service and repair page (to see if I could determine if its AT&T or O2) but it says it can't give me any info has it hasn't been activated, which is rubbish because it was originally activated before it was unlocked and jailbroken

but if their records say it hasn't been activated then O2 definitly won't give an unlock as that is also one of their checks.

Posted by anonymuser
That's strange - out of curiosity I stuck my serial number in there, and it simply told me it was an out-of-warranty iPhone 3G - but didn't mention whether or not it was activated. It also gave me links to both O2 and Orange as potential service partners, so didn't seem to know who it was supplied by/used with (although I suppose this might be because it's officially unlocked now). Did you select US or UK on the opening page? Weird that it doesn't recognise the activation at all.

Posted by masseur
after you enter the serial number and click continue, where it says "estimated Coverage", for me it says "out of warranty".
then there is a link that says "see full coverage details" and if you click that, thats where it tells me it hasn't been activated.

I tried with both US and UK. In UK it also showed me Orange.

anyway, I've now found an authoratative link that confirms it be upgraded to 3.1.2 using itunes, jailbroken with blackra1n and then unlocked using the BootNeuter... so thats what I'll be doing now


Posted by londonlad123
Did you upgrade it to 3.1:2? Last i upgraded the iphone 2g to was a 2. something using quickpwn with some strange pineapple man for a logo. Dont want to lose support for exchange 2000.

Posted by masseur
not yet, been a bit lazy over Christmas but have pretty much decided I'll wait a bit until my daughters 3GS arrives soon and then it won't matter if I stuff this up, but if it works there'll be a 2G 16gb for sale in the market forums

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