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MicroSD and MicroSDHC differences

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Posted by groovepeppy
Hello to all esato members.
I am planning to buy a memory expansion for my phone which use a microsd type.
I found 2 types of em, one of it got hc at the end (the guy told me it was stands for high capacity)
Can i use the microsdhc on my Naite (J105i)?
If i can, would my phone stand using an 8gb one?
Thank you in advance.

Posted by hihihans
Even 16Gig won't be a problem. hc is high capacity and is used for >2Gig. Then there are classes for speed, 2 4 and 6, nice but hardly noticeable.

Posted by groovepeppy
Thx mate!
I'm sure now to get 8gb!

Posted by hihihans
Just saw that StevenC explained some too. Have fun with it.

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