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5x5 thumbnail view

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Posted by we
First of of this may not work with every SE phone.So far I have tried only a several Cybershot ones and it worked on them. What this trick does? On some older phones, you only have 3x3 or 2x2 thumbnail modes for viewing your photos. If you want 5x5, here's what to do:
In standby mode press simultaneously buttons 3,6,8/8,0,2.
Edit: For Phone Status press 2,5,3

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Posted by centur
My C902 have (Menu > Organizer > Pictures > Options) View mode :

5 x 5 thumbnails
3 x 3 thumbnails
Thumbnails list

What is the advantage to press 3,6,8 in standby mode ?

Posted by we
My k550i has:

Timeline view
3x3 thumbnails
2x2 thumbnails
Thumbnail list

So I guess for older phones? :}
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Posted by exaflare23
my k800i already have that option in view mode

timeline view
5x5 thumbnails
3x3 thumbnails
thumbnails list

Posted by tranced
The C510 has that options too

Posted by centur

On 2009-12-11 16:13:04, we wrote:

Edit: For Phone Status press 2,5,3


Or just press volume button + or -

Posted by qedcyxx
I cant undrstnd this...is this w0rk in my w350?

Posted by strauts
just press these keys at same tame. All to gether.

Posted by Excalibur69
Now i can say that this is for SE users only...won't work on my Nokie...

Posted by deddot
you also can try this.

go to file manager, dont go into sub folder yet !
press More-Sort by-Type
now go to Camera Folder.. you will see a diferent..

i think this trick onl works on 176x220 phone display, since it doesn't have 5x5 thumnail option

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