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Does this SE T616 need to be unlocked?

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Posted by goatchay
I recently purchased a SE T616 off of ebay that is setup for AT&T. I have an older Nokia that bit the dust that is also on AT&T, although it has an older Cingular SIM card. I thought that I would be able to just swap cards and the phone would work, as I have done this in the past with other Cingular phones.

Well, apparently I'm wrong. When I put my cingular card in the phone it says "incorrect SIM card". My cingular card is the old white and orange one, the card that came with the phone was a blue AT&T card.

Do I have to take the phone somewhere to have it unlocked, or are there settings in the phone that can be changed to allow it to work?

Forgive my ignorance but I never had this issue before. Thanks to all who help.


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