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Posted by simbob
Hi all,

few questions about media go,

I sold my ipod touch with the intention of using my satio for music, so far its ok, just hoping sony include a alphabetical search function to it along the lines of what apple use!

Anyways, media go, when ive set my music folder to the same of that on my computer. to sync them to my satio, i either have to transfer one by one, or in sections of like for example all songs with artists beginning with A or B etc, i have 2151 songs, and if i go to transfer all the songs at once, they dont all transfer.

Am i missing something?

Is it just a bug in the software? also, it doesnt seem as user friendly as say itunes, is there any alternative programes i could use

Is there no like 'sync all' button?

Also, the artwork supplied by media go is few and far between, itunes was nearly complete, is there a way to use itunes album art with my mp3's?

Also, when i click on photo's under the satio, on media go, not all my camera photo's show up, and none of my video's do at all (no videos tab under the satio on media go)

Any help at all?

EDIT: Just put my memory card in a card reader, and it now shows up my missing camera photo's
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