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Inbox/PM Sent Messages

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Posted by nirave
Is it possible to be able to view Sent PM's?

Sometimes when negotiating multiple deals it is easier to be able to view what you've sent someone to avoid confusion and avoid deals going bust up.

Posted by aloukay
Yeb it would be a nice update for esato messaging area cos some times we get confused or forgot what we sent and to who , i think esato moderators should put that suggestion in concern (^_^)

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Posted by tranced
Before sending a PM you can check the archive box.

Posted by masseur
correct. if you send a message that you want to keep a record of, just tick the archive box in the options area under where you type your PM text

then when you want to view those sent PM's, go back to your inbox, look to the top right and you will see somehing like this to click

Posted by erazer007
Ahh exactly what I needed. Thanks for the info.

Posted by nirave
Brilliant thanks.

Is it possible to have that option automatically selected (maybe something in preferences?)


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